The Govern accelerates the creation of new health centres. | MDB files

Mayor Tomeu Cifre and other town hall representatives met with technical representatives from the regional health ministry on Wednesday to go over plans for the new health centre that is to be built on Can Conill - the car park on Cecilio Metelo.

The town hall, the mayor said afterwards, had made a number of suggestions and stated the need for the health centre to be finished as soon as possible as the town hall wants to convert the existing health centre into a nursery school.

The meeting, Cifre noted, was “positive”. The ministry has assured him that the new health centre will be ready by the end of 2023.

That is more than two years away. Why does it take so long? Part of the reason lies with the processing of the project to build the health centre.

This processing, as much as the construction, is understood to have formed much of the discussion on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, opposition parties at the town hall will never tire in reminding the mayor that he had wanted a different site for the health centre and that had he not, it would be a reality very much earlier than the end of 2023.