The Sant Jordi Day of the Book has become increasingly popular. | M. A. Antich

Palma is preparing Sant Jordi (Saint George) celebrations this year without music or street activities but with bookstalls, authors' signings and discounts.

Alex Volney, president of the Booksellers Guild, says that there will be a "middle ground" this year, as in 2020 there was only a "virtual" Sant Jordi. It will be along the lines of what was organised in July last year. The town hall is looking at staggering times for the booksellers and their stalls.

Volney adds that Sant Jordi has grown considerably over the past thirty years. The pandemic put an end to this, "and we will now work with the tools we have". The guild will be announcing arrangements next week. The intention is for the book fair to be on more than one day (April 23). Customers will therefore be able to benefit from discounts on more than the single day.

* In Spain, the first book day on April 23 for Sant Jordi (and San Jorge) was in 1923. It was in honour of Miguel de Cervantes, who died on April 22, 1616 and was buried the next day, and William Shakespeare, who died on April 23, 1616. Unesco adopted April 23 as World Book Day in 1995.