Vaccine reports.

Vaccine reports.


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said this afternoon the benefits of all the approved COVID-19 vaccines outweighed risks, after US authorities recommended a suspension of the shot developed by Johnson & Johnson.

Sanchez added though that authorities would slow down the rollout of vaccines to evaluate the risks if and when serious side effects are reported.


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Juan love / Hace 9 months

Ummm - Do you also not follow the current measures which most of the population are, due to the fact it's your body? Ironically, it's the behaviour of those who protest against Coronavirus which is making it worse.

For freethinkers, you people certainly repeat a lot of the same old rubbish.

(Also, as I have said before, you have been receiving vaccines since the first few days being on this planet).


Ummm / Hace 9 months

You sheeple never let up do you? It’s selfish for deeming what goes in my own body? Not at all. It’s selfish pushing for something that someone personally does not want because it’s their own body to make yourself feel better. You want the vaccine? Go get it. You’re protected now right? So bugger off and let my immune system do what it was meant to do, thanks very much.


Zoe / Hace 9 months

@sayhi, well I do not know where you got your info from as they are different from what I have read, plus you are overlooking the long term effect, Sepsis, and other nasty complications of COVID which funny enough it seems to impact many young ones. Vaccinate everyone, let us all get back to normal.


Juan love / Hace 9 months

The local brain donors are all out today I see....... The vaccine greatly reduces contagion, the more people have it, the more will be protected, that is what vaccines do.

A little newsflash for those who don't agree with mandatory vaccines as well........ You have all been having them since before you could even walk.


TJ / Hace 9 months

Ryan... Is transmission reduced if you have received the less chance of passing on the virus potentially?


Ryan / Hace 9 months

James- the vaccine does not stop transmission, it only stops you from ending up in hospital with severe cases. It does not stop mutations, it does not stop you from contracting it or passing it onto others...therefore no herd immunity will be reached it will be ongoing every year much like the flu vaccine.


James / Hace 9 months

sayhi, Every time someone gets the virus it has a chance to mutate, the more people vaccinated the less chance of that mutation. If it does mutate and we have only vaccinated the vulnerable with a vaccine designed for one variant, then they may no longer be protected. To stop the Virus we still need herd immunity. That can only be achieved by mass vaccination. Your "I'm alright Jack" is selfish in the extreme.


sayhi / Hace 9 months

no gracias ... no thanks... 99.78% survival rate if you get covid .. kids 0-19years almost 100%.. vaccinate the vulnerable that'll do.