Quirón PalmaPlanas Clinic. archive photo. | Ultima Hora

An alleged attack on an Emergency Service Doctor in Palma has been slammed by the Official College of Physicians of the Balearic Islands, or Comib.

The incident reportedly happened in the emergencies area of Palmaplanas Clinic on Wednesday.

The patient allegedly demanded a prescription for psychiatric medication and when the doctor explained that psychiatric follow-up medications are not done at the emergency department, the patient allegedly threw a chair at the doctor and uttered threats.

The doctor told Comib's Aggression Observatory what had happened, an established protocol was activated and a National Police patrol was deployed to the clinic.

Comib General Secretary, Rosa Robles González, has condemned the attack and offered her support to the doctor.

The case has been registered with Comib's Observatory of Aggressions who will monitor the situation as it always does when it’s made aware of violent behaviour against doctors in public and private health.

Assaulting a public health professional whilst they are doing their job is classified as an attack on authority in the Penal Code and carries a penalty of up to 4 years in prison.

Although this provision is only applicable to professionals who work in public health, Comib says that an attack is the same for both public and private doctors and the law must defend both groups in the same way.