Environment minister Miquel Mir. | Govern de les Illes Balears

The Balearics will receive 17.5 million euros of European funds for environmental projects. This money is part of a total of 581 million euros under Spain's recovery, transformation and resilience plan. The funds will go towards waste management, water purification and adaptation of power lines to prevent harm to birds.

The first line of this funding is worth 100 million euros, of which the Balearics will get 755,465 euros for municipalities with populations of under 5,000. Environment minister Miquel Mir says that this funding will reverse non-compliance with European regulations regarding water treatment and especially those cases where the European Commission has opened sanctioning procedures.

Mir adds that the fact that the Balearics are receiving less than one per cent of this initial funding indicates "the good functioning of this type of facility".

For power lines, there are 60 million euros. The Balearics will have 864,863 euros. One criterion for distributing this money is the mortality of birds because of collision with power lines over the period 2015-2019.

For waste management, the package for the whole of Spain is 416.2 million euros, of which the Balearics will receive 15,876,840 euros. A criterion for this is the volume of waste generated in each region. Mir welcomes the funding as the criterion has taken into account the weight of tourism and not just the regular population.

Of other amounts, the Balearics will get 185,794 euros for the circular economy and 188,000 euros in line with an ecosystems project for reforestation, elimination of invasive species and promotion of biodiversity.