Green Digital Vaccination Certificate. | Louiza Vradi

The Secretary General for Digital Health, Alfredo González, is adamant that the Green Digital Vaccination Certificate, which is being drawn up in the European Union will allow Spain to receive travellers with more security.

"The document will facilitate the mobility of people in the European Union, guarantee public health protection and permit social and economic activity to resume free of charge," says González who also points out that it will show whether a person has been vaccinated or not, if they have a negative Covid-19 test and if they’ve had the virus.

"It will be interoperable in the European Union, free and universal," he asserted.

González claims that the certificate will respect data protection regulations as well as people's privacy and he expects it to be extended to countries outside the European Union.

Similar projects are being carried out by the World Health Organisation and other institutions.

The implementation process has already begun in Spain and the vaccination passport should be fully functional in June, in plenty of time for the summer season and the Autonomous Communities and the Ministry of Health will issue and deliver the certificates.

"The certificate is designed not to be discriminatory and not only certifies the person who’s been vaccinated, it promotes vaccination, being in possession of a negative diagnostic test and having had the disease.”