In and out!

In and out!

17-02-2021Marcial Guillén

The Small Businesses association PIMEM and the association of Majorcan Restaurateurs (Arema) have demanded that the Balearic government allows bars and restaurants in Majorca to open inside to clients “with immediate effect”, in view of the fact that the island is now on level two health risk.

In a joint statement the associations has called on the government to respect and comply with its so-called “COVID traffic light” which was approved by the government in November 2020, and that they follow the indications of the guidelines laid out in the Coordinated response actions for the control of the transmission of COVID-19 protocol approved by the Inter territorial Council of the National Health System which was updated to October 22, 2020.

They stressed that after 13 months during which the Balearic restaurant sector has suffered a decrease in turnover of almost 80% and “without any type of compensation or effective financial aid to counteract the unfounded restrictions imposed”, the associations claim that they are the victims of “government discrimination”.


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Paul / Hace 10 months

So instead the people meet inside there homes, are they any safer ? At least in the bars and restaurants they can be monitored.


Gabriel / Hace 10 months

But most of them, when they are open, don't respect the rules. Therefore, after a month or less they get closed again. And it's not only them who suffer, the population does as well... I thought they would learn from past mistakes, but no chance...