Tourists arriving at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport in summer 2020

The digital green certificate will be important for facilitating tourism.

18-04-2021Laura Becerra

The Pimem federation of small to medium-sized businesses believes that the European digital green certificate will be ready a month too late.

The president of Pimem, Jordi Mora, said on Sunday that the European Commission is contemplating pilot projects at the start of June. The certificate, widely referred to as a vaccine passport, will not be "fully operational" until the end of the month once all the legal processing and technical development has been completed.

Mora added that the tourism industry in Mallorca is banking on the season getting under way from the start of June. Indications are, he suggested, that the season will proceed from "less to more"; September will be the best month. The certificate will be welcome, as will be "anything that conveys security and facilitates mobility". However, it could do with being fully operational earlier than is being envisaged.


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Lisa / Hace 6 months

And it’s not just about getting tourists to the island safety.

If the population on the island isn’t vaccinated tourists will fear re-infection, or a new peak in cases. This would result in the island being forced to close again - making any bookings high risk. So with Mallorca’s vaccination rate lagging behind the competition in Greece Malta Italy and Turkey - tourists will book safer, more vaccinated areas.

In addition in to this the UK has already stated ‘green countries’ will have to have a vaccinated population of at least 50 per cent.

Mallorca is far too slow - on all levels.


Mary / Hace 6 months

That won't help tourism here though, we can't have any tourists until we're all vaccinated surely.


Terry / Hace 6 months

I have 2 Majorca holidays provisionally booked for 2022 and I intend to cancel both of them if vaccine passports are required. Be very careful about destroying your holiday industry!