Health minister Patricia Gómez and spokesperson for the infectious diseases committee, Javier Arranz. | Archive

Balearic health minister Patricia Gómez said on Monday that the cumulative incidence of new coronavirus cases in the Balearics remains "stable", the 14-day figure being around 60. Specifically on Monday, it was 63.16. On Monday last week, it was 59.25.

The minister expressed concern about the situation elsewhere. "We cannot ignore that there is a very worrying situation in Europe and that this could affect us. We will therefore continue to be cautious and to have the message of saving lives and suffering."

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The spokesperson for the infectious diseases committee, Javier Arranz, explained that some of the recent outbreaks in the Balearics were attributable to people who had come from the mainland and to residents who had travelled. The good levels in the Balearics, he added, indicate that the epidemiological situation in the Balearics is stable and has not been subject to significant increase because of Easter. "But when we travel," he noted, "we have a good chance of going to places where the incidence is higher".

The ending of the state of alarm on May 9 will "give a clue as to what this mobility will be like and to decisions that we will be able to make". Most outbreaks, Arranz noted, originate in family and social meetings. "We must not stop thinking that, just because there is a low incidence, there isn't the possibility of being infected."