The Hat Bar eviction, Palma. | R.S.

The Hat Bar, which became famous after the Balearic President was caught drinking there after hours has been forced to close its doors for good because of the strict coronavirus measures in Mallorca.

An eviction order was served at the premises on Monday and Judicial Police were in attendance while professionals removed the old lock and installed a new one.

Although some local residents were sad to see the Hat Bar closing, others said they were glad to see the back of “the sleepless nights caused by noise and madness in the early hours of the morning.”

One neighbour claimed that the Hat Bar owner had to pay a 7,000 euro fine for serving the Balearic President after hours and that he lost a lot of customers because of the incident.

A local resident had called the Local Police to report that people were drinking in the bar after curfew and when the Officers arrived at the scene, the owner claimed that he’d left the door of his bar open in case President Armengol and her companions needed help for a friend who was ill, but was sanctioned for breaking the coronavirus restrictions.

Opposition parties called for the immediate resignation of President Armengol, who took three days to apologise for breaking the rules and hoteliers of the Islands also criticised President Armengol’s behaviour.

Her complete disregard for the rules that she imposed on the Balearic Islands and the severe restrictions that she slapped on bars and restaurants in Mallorca have caused the Hat Bar and many, many other establishments to go bankrupt.