Vueling plane, Palma. archive photo. | Ultima Hora

Vueling has slashed its prices on 317 and 1,800 weekly flights, including 58 Balearic connections.

It’s also adding 12 new routes from Spain to Copenhagen and Billund in Denmark, Porto in Portugal and London in the UK "as long as mobility restrictions are flexible.

"The recovery of mobility this summer will be essential to reactivate economic and social life," said Vueling President, Marco Sansavani who stressed that it is necessary to implement health passports that facilitate mobility.

Barcelona-El Prat Airport will operate 1,200 weekly Vueling flights during the summer, adding 102 routes and 76 of them will be international, including 4 new routes to Gothenburg in Sweden, Billund in Denmark and Bergen and Stavanger in Norway.

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The Balearic Islands has the second highest number of connections at 58 with 450 weekly flights and new connections to Copenhagen and Billund in Denmark as well as flights from Palma to Tenerife, Almería and Lanzarote and from Ibiza and Minorca to Asturias.

The Canary Islands will have 49 routes and 200 weekly flights including flights to Palma from Tenerife North and Lanzarote; from Gran Canaria to Santiago and Zaragoza; from Fuerteventura to Alicante and from Tenerife Norte to Porto in Portugal.

Vueling will also expand its connections from Andalusia with 51 connections and 340 weekly flights, including 4 new routes from Malaga to Billund and Copenhagen and from Seville and Santiago to Almeria and Palma.

The Valencian Community will have 40 routes and 200 weekly flights; the Basque Country will have one new route and 150 flights; Galicia will have 23 routes and 100 flights; Asturias will have 10 routes and 30 flights and Cantabria will have 3 routes including one new one and 12 weekly flights.