People dining on the terrace, Palma. | Jaume Morey

The Balearic Government is easing the coronavirus restrictions now that coronavirus infections have stabilised in the islands.

One of the most important changes is the curfew delay until 23:00, giving bars and restaurants more time to serve dinner from Monday to Thursday.

The new measures will be approved on Friday in an extraordinary Governing Council and enforced from Saturday for 15 days and are determined by “sanitary rigour,” according to Government Spokesperson and Tourism Minister, Iago Negueruela.

The new measures in Mallorca from Saturday April 24:

Social gatherings:
The boundaries of cohabitation nuclei will be eliminated for family reunions and social gatherings outdoors and on bar and restaurant terraces. Groups of up to six people can meet outside and four on terraces. Meetings indoors will continue to be restricted to six people from two different homes.

The curfew has been delayed by one hour and will be enforced from 23.00-06.00 from Monday.

Mallorca will continue with the fenced interior spaces, with 100% capacity in exterior areas. Tables can be occupied by 4 people with no limit on the number of households. From Monday to Thursday bars and restaurants can open from 20.00-22.30, but they must close at 17:00 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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Sports events:
The consumption of food and beverages by the public is prohibited, except in bar areas on the premises and must be carried out in accordance with the regulations applicable to catering activities.

Field competitions may limit the number of people attending according to established percentages, exclusively in the final stages of the competition or play-offs, with the prior authorisation from the Directorate General of Public Health.

Federated sport:
Federated team and contact sport competitions are allowed from age 6 on all islands.

Sports activity:
The maximum number of people in low-intensity groups activities is now 15, with a limited capacity of 30%.

Seniors clubs:
A maximum of 10 people can attend activities indoors and 15 outside, with a limited capacity of 50%.

Gambling & Betting:
Gambling and betting premises in Mallorca can open with a limited capacity of 30%, but without restaurant services inside. The premises must close at 17.00 and have proper ventilation and CO2 meters installed in visible places.

Groups of up to 6 people are allowed to gather on the beach and there's no limit on the number of households.

Fair attractions:
Attractions can be enabled in groups of up to three with a minimum distance of 25 meters inbetweens. If the attractions are exclusively for individual use, i.e., one user per trip, they are not included in the total number of attractions, nor are attractions that use a trailer for things like churrerías, shooting ranges and tombolas.