Coronavirus vaccination, Mallorca.

Coronavirus vaccination, Mallorca. archive photo.

23-04-2021Ultima Hora

For the last few months the main priority has been to get people vaccinated against Covid-19, to stop the virus from spreading and Mallorca is spending millions on doses of Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson to protect the population.

So why do people still have to spend hundreds of euros on PCR tests if they’ve had both jabs?

Anyone travelling between Mallorca and the UK must submit at least one PCR test in both directions and granted the vaccination programme is very slow here so it will take a while to get the population immunised, but people need to know if and when being fully vaccinated will rule out the need for PCRs.

Thousands and thousands of British tourists come to Balearic Islands on holiday, but the cost of PCR tests can double their expenses and for a large number of people that means a holiday in Mallorca is out of the question.

The British Government is reportedly looking for ways to cut the cost of PCR tests and if Mallorca did the same it could mean a huge difference in the Tourism Sector this summer.


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john / Hace 9 months

Having 2 jabs doesn't mean you can't still get the virus. All it does is lower the seriousness of death. So travelling through a packed airport on to a crowded plane, on to a low vaccinated country..yes..PCR tests are still required. Health comes first in life . Not holidays.


Peter / Hace 9 months

Anybody coming here will need to provide a negative test result until we're all vaccinated.


Tom / Hace 9 months

Stop trying to short cut bypass the PCR test requirements . the focus should be purely by press and government on getting everyone vaccinated consistently and it’s not done with one double dose ! Every 6 months thereafter a booster dose is required ! For years to come. The sole focus should be on how to get the EU and world population vaccinated . This is the only real solution to restart global travel and jumpstart economies . The constant talk and demands for holidays is irrelevant in the big picture and are purely first world luxury problems that are far from life essential . Mallorca needs to wake up and rethink its economic strategy for the future and become far less dependent on tourism only as it currently is ,


James w / Hace 9 months

Easyjet today canceling more flights to Balearics from June. From what I understand is a country or and island or region will need to have there population 50% vaccinated to achieve green status. So all the stupid Spanish politicians!! Greece 1 Spain 0