Vaccine being administered in Ibiza. | Arguiñe Escandón

AstraZeneca vaccinations have been halted yet again amid reports that the European Commission is suing the company for repeatedly cutting supplies to Europe.

It means that 8,000 teachers in the Balearic Islands won’t now be given a second dose of AstraZeneca, according to the Director General of Public Health, Maria Antònia Font.

Those who were due to get their second jab will receive a text informing them of the change and Font says anyone who wants more information should contact the Government’s Covid information lines.

Teachers affected by the AstraZeneca shutdown will be contacted as soon as vaccination is reactivated said Font, who stressed that the Balearic immunisation strategy is based on national and European criteria.

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"We have evidence that the first dose of AstraZeneca offers a good percentage of immunity, so delaying the second injection is not a problem,” she said and encouraging people to continue to get vaccinated.