One of those arrested on Wednesday. | Policia Nacional

The National Police have arrested ten people in connection with a series of burglaries committed in different parts of Mallorca. Six men and one woman are alleged to have carried out the burglaries, and three other men were receiving the stolen items. These included jewellery, watches, phones and tablets; some 20,000 euros in cash were also taken.

The burglaries started towards the end of last year and continued until earlier this month. As well as Palma, homes in Algaida, Ariany, Manacor, Marratxi, Porreres and Sant Llorenç were targeted. The police say that the gang forced entry into ground floor properties and houses in the countryside.

The burglaries were committed in the early hours of the morning in quiet areas at properties where the residents were not at home. The seven had different roles - transport, surveillance and breaking in.

The police investigation led to raids at five addresses in Manacor on Wednesday as well as inspections of establishments in Palma. The seven have been charged with being members of a criminal organisation, and the other three with receiving stolen goods. The investigation is continuing, the police adding that further arrests are not being ruled out.