Controls of passengers at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport, Mallorca

Passengers from the mainland are subject to controls.

25-04-2021J. Sevilla

Airlines are anticipating that the Balearics will recapture at least 60% of 2019 Spanish air traffic this summer.

They are currently engaged in promotional campaigns directed at the Spanish tourist market, which is the third largest behind Germany and the UK. Hotel capacity in the Balearics and interest in travelling to the islands are prompting airlines to increase their scheduling.

The low incidence rates in the Balearics are proving positive in provoking demand, and while the airlines do not expect a full recovery of 2019 passenger numbers, their scheduling is much in line with what it was in summer two years ago.

Prices are currently very reasonable, while flexibility in cancelling bookings is a significant incentive.


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Lisa / Hace 9 months

Seriously guys - this is not the reality.

Mallorca is not vaccinated. As soon as tourist start arriving the numbers will spike.

Then we’ll be forced to lockdown again. Tourists are not going to risk that - they’ll book in vaccinated locations ... the Greeks know this.

Really, Mallorca has to stop the rhetoric and start doing something about the appalling poor level of vaccination.


John / Hace 9 months

Living in dreamland again fed with nonsensical ideas from their government and tourism boards. Brits including pro property owners will NOT be returning to Majorca until 2022 unless they and the rest of the EU catch up to U.K. levels of vaccination. We simply do not want to risk bringing the covid virus back to the U.K. So if you are still in Majorca be prepared for a very long and quiet winter unfortunately.


John Law / Hace 9 months

A little misleading this headline, with respect. British tourists won't appreciate the tests required if Spain's not on the Green list, and that can't happen with so low a porcentaje of the island's population vaccinated. As for the airline's anticipation, we all would like to win the lottery....