Taking a walk on Palma's Passeig Born. | Laura Becerra


The further relaxation of restrictions that apply to shops resulted in good business for large stores on Sunday - those which are in so-called areas of high tourist influx, that is.

In the centre of Palma that is classified in this way (the abbreviation is ZGAT), the good weather helped in attracting shoppers. This was the first Sunday that the stores had been allowed to reopen under the Balearic government's measures - up to 9pm and with 50% capacity.

At the El Corte Inglés store on Jaume III, the view was that it was "very positive that shops in the Palma tourist area can open and return to normality". "Many customers were used to shopping on Sundays, and so regaining this normality is important. In a few weeks, we will have the first tourists, and they will appreciate this as well."

This coming Sunday (May 2) is one of the Sundays in the year when all large stores in Mallorca can open, whether in a ZGAT area or not.