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Residents of the Balearic Islands, who were born between 1962 and 1971, inclusive, who are aged 50-59 will be vaccinated by the beginning of June, according to the Ministry of Health.

The Inter-territorial Council has still to decide whether the under 55’s can be given a second dose of AstraZeneca as recommended by the European Medicines Agency.

Dr Javier Arranz, spokesman for the Regional Committee of Infectious Diseases has pointed out that one dose of AstraZeneca is more than 70% effective in preventing infection and 90% effective in avoiding hospital admissions.

AstraZeneca Vaccine.

Those 60-69 are the only group currently being given the AstraZeneca jab, because supplies are low and shipments have been smaller than expected.

Those aged 70-79 are being given the Johnson & Johnson single dose and should be done by the end of this week. Vaccination of the over-80’s is almost finished too.

6,250 doses of Johnson & Johnson and additional doses of Moderna and Pfizer are due to arrive in the Balearic Islands next week and will be used to vaccinate the elderly and professionals in essential groups under the age of 60 who didn’t get their second injection because of the change in criteria for AstraZeneca.

Immunisation of the over-45s is scheduled to begin in June.

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On Monday 225,518 people in the Balearic Islands had received at least one vaccine dose and 75,292 have had both jabs.