The number of deaths being recorded now is very low. | Miquel À. Cañellas

Over the past week, the Balearic health ministry has reported 39 deaths from Covid. As of Monday last week (April 19), the total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic was 781; there hadn't been notification of a death for six days. On Tuesday last week, two deaths were reported. There are now 820, five more having been confirmed.

Mostly all of these deaths relate to January and February and to a time when the Balearics were affected greatly by the "third wave". Of the five deaths notified this Tuesday, one was on April 22. As the spokesperson for the regional infectious diseases committee, Javier Arranz, explained on Monday, there is a periodic review of the mortality register in order to verify if deaths are from Covid. The cases in January and February were by and large of people over the age of 75 who were not care-home residents.

Arranz warned on Monday that the number of deaths reported in this way will increase.

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In the Balearics since the start of the pandemic, there have been 58,889 confirmed cases of coronavirus. The percentage of fatalities is therefore 1.4%.