The number plate will determine the tariff. | Archive

The national traffic directorate has revealed a change to traffic regulations that will allow town halls to charge more for the parking of larger vehicles in their pay-for-parking zones.

The directorate is updating regulations and paying particular attention to measures to reduce accidents and to cutting vehicle emissions. For cars that pollute the most, there are already higher charges. Now, there will be higher charges for vehicles that take up more parking space.

Large saloons, minivans and SUVs will all be subject to higher parking charges, but the deputy director of the directorate, Susana Gómez, said on Thursday that it will be up to town halls whether they decide to introduce higher charges.

The tariff, she explained, will be determined by the number plate when getting the ticket. This will be checked against the vehicle's dimensions.

This new system isn't expected to be introduced until the end of the year. Town halls will, therefore, have time to make adaptations.