Britain's Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps. | Reuters/Simon Dawson

When the UK lifts the International travel ban on May 17 and replaces it with a ‘traffic light’ system, countries will be classified as ‘Green’, ‘Amber’ or ‘Red’ depending on a variety of criteria.

But a country's classification is not permanent, so if infections rise or immunisation slows down they could move from ‘Green’ to ‘Amber’ or ‘Red’ or vice versa.

Countries that are at risk of dropping out of the ‘Green’ list may be given two weeks’ notice, according to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, who has also said that the need for negative PCRs will be reviewed at the end of June.

MPs, Airlines and Tour Groups are pushing for the ‘Green’, ‘Amber’ and ‘Red’ destinations to be revealed as a matter of urgency, but it looks like they’ll have to wait until the end of next week.

We’ll have the Joint Biosecurity Centre look at four factors,” Schapps told MPs. “The level of coronavirus in a country, the amount of vaccines they’ve dispensed, the concern over any variant, and the quality of the data.”

Hopes are high that Mallorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands will be included in the coveted 'Green' list, which would make the Islands more appealing to British tourists because they wouldn't have to quarantine when they get home.