The Guardia Civil arrested the couple. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

A couple from Paguera have been given sentences of six months each for the racial abuse of a neighbour.

On May 17 last year, the Guardia Civil were called to an address in Paguera by a woman from Western Sahara. She had reported the couple for racial abuse, such as having been told she was a "f****** Moorish whore", who should return to her "f****** country".

When officers went to the couple's apartment, they were subjected to insults. The man, Brazilian, aged 49, slapped one of the officers on the arm. His Spanish partner, 46, struggled with another officer and pushed him. They were detained for hate crime, resistance and causing minor injury.

The man then caused damage to a cell at the Guardia Civil's station in Son Bugadelles.

The judge agreed to suspend the prison sentences, the couple having to pay 800 euros to the woman for moral damages, fines amounting to 1,560 euros, and 720 euros for damage to the cell.