Pharmacies will soon be able to sell antigen tests. | Josep Bagur Gomila


Amendment to a Spanish government decree will mean that pharmacies in Mallorca and the rest of Spain will be able to sell antigen tests for Covid. The president of the College of Pharmacists in the Balearics, Antoni Real, says that there is no date for this yet, as the amendment is currently at its submissions' phase. He believes that there will be consensus and that the sale of tests will be possible before the summer.

Real notes that pharmacies in the Balearics can already sell antibody tests with a prescription. Once the decree is formally amended, prescriptions for these and antigen tests will not be necessary.

The price has yet to be set, but the tests will be affordable for everyone. It is most likely they will be saliva tests. Real doesn't believe that there will be supply problems, as several companies are engaged in production.

While he considers it positive that pharmacies can sell these tests, Real would prefer that they are performed in pharmacies themselves under the supervision of a professional. He adds that these are not substitutes for PCRs and that anyone testing positive should contact a health centre in order to have a PCR.