President Francina Armengol & Minister Maria Jesús Montero in Consolat de la Mar. | Jaume Morey

The Balearic President, Francina Armengol is hell bent on keeping the power that Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez delegated to Regional Governments during the pandemic.

She is determined to extend the curfew, limit the number of people who can meet in a home, limit capacity at religious services and make it compulsory for travellers from the mainland to submit a negative PCR test to enter the Balearic Islands, even after the State of Alarm is lifted in Spain.

Her request for authorisation of those measures fell on stony ground on Wednesday when the Balearic High Court sent her packing, saying her request didn’t meet procedure and that it was impossible to rule on the restrictions she's demanding unless they're formally approved by the Government.

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Undeterred, President Armengol called an extraordinary meeting and the Governing Council agreed to extend the current restrictions in the Balearic Islands when the State of Alarm ends on Saturday.

President Armengol will now have to present her Government-approved document to the Balearic High Court once again and she says the Government will decide its next move once the Tribunal’s ruling is known.

She is also planning to convene a Social Dialogue Board to address restrictions in the Hospitality Sector, which she has the power to do without consulting the TSJIB.

Another Governing Council meeting will take place on Friday to approve restrictions for the next 15 days, which will of course depend on the court’s decision.

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