Age-group vaccination gradually being extended. | Miquel A. Cañellas

Maria Antonia Font, the Balearic director general for public health, announced on Friday that the 55 to 59 age group will be able to make online vaccination appointments (Bitcita) from this coming Monday (May 10). This age group will receive the Pfizer vaccine.

Font was in Formentera, where there are just two active cases of coronavirus. Formentera, she suggested, was "the envy of the rest of the islands and, I daresay, the rest of the country". She explained that 3,071 doses have been administered in Formentera and that 751 people have received both doses. There is still a "large population" to vaccinate, she observed. "We started with the elderly population, and here you are younger."

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The director general recognised that Ibiza and Formentera are a little behind Mallorca and Minorca because the general population is that bit younger.

On the possibility of travelling to the Balearics with an antigen test rather than a PCR, Font said this test is quick and very useful. The government is not ruling out having antigen tests for port and airport controls.