Galley Horse, Palma. | EFE

Progreso en Verde is demanding that the Government free the galley horses, claiming they are being exploited and abused.

The eco-animalist party has made several requests for the horses to be released and says it’s still waiting for answers. It has also accused the Government of ignoring constant breaches of regulations, laws and ordinances by the carriage drivers.

“It's a real shame that Palma City Council does absolutely nothing to protect the galley horses, they don’t care in the least about the horses suffering or the image that it gives Palma, said Progreso en Verde President, Guillermo Amengual. “Summer is just around the corner and the horses will be exploited once again in terrible conditions and high temperatures, but PSOE, MÉS and Podemos don't care in the slightest.”

A complaint from Progreso en Verde about the poor condition of the galley horses from was passed to Palma Mounted Police.

“It's more than two weeks since we were told that an investigation would be carried out, but we still know absolutely nothing about it and we doubt that it was ever carried out,” says Amengual. "The galley horses are in poor health and shouldn't be exploited on the streets, you just need to look at them to see that they're not well.”

Progreso en Verde is demanding that Palma City Council change the decree to prevent the horse-drawn carriages from being used in high temperatures; process a new ordinance, remove the bells from the horses and change the carriage stops to protect the horses from the sun.

Amengual says all available mechanisms will be used to end the exploitation of horses.