Vaccination at the Germans Escales sports centre in Palma. | Miquel A. Cañellas

The Saturday report indicates 49 new positive cases, four more than on Friday - 45 cases in Mallorca and four in Minorca. The test rate is up from 1.46% (3,082 tests) to 1.81% (2,707 tests).

One more death has been confirmed; this relates to March. The total is 829. The number of Covid patients on wards in Mallorca is down one to 27; Ibiza four, Minorca one. For the second day running there are no changes to intensive care unit patient numbers - Mallorca 22, Ibiza three, Minorca two.

Fifty-nine more people have recovered, eight of whom were in hospital. The number of people being attended to by the health service has dropped by a further thirteen to 937, while there are six fewer people being monitored by primary care in Mallorca (708).

The 14-day incidence rate in the Balearics is 60.43 per 100,000. In Mallorca it is 55.24.

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The vaccination - 388,426 doses have been administered in the Balearics; 309,765 in Mallorca. There are 115,468 people who have been fully vaccinated in the Balearics; 94,622 in Mallorca. For the Balearics, 28.2% of the target population has been vaccinated and 11.7% have received the full course.