Something like normality is returning, if just for the terraces. | Miquel A. Cañellas

On Sunday, bar and restaurant terrace opening hours began to return to something like normality. The 10.30pm closing time was still in place, but gone was the break at 5pm as well as the regulation that hadn't allowed reopening at 8pm on Sundays (or on Fridays and Saturdays).

As interiors are still closed for now, the fine weather would have been welcomed by bar and restaurant owners, whose terraces are at 100% capacity but with tables limited to just four people. The Balearic government has signalled its intention to allow interiors to open in a fortnight's time, provided that the incidence of the virus is under control.

The new opening hours aren't linked to the ending of the state of alarm, as decisions regarding bar and restrictions were never dependent on the state of alarm provisions, such as the curfew. The hours may possibly be extended in a fortnight's time, as the government has hinted that the curfew may start at midnight and not 11pm. Any change to the curfew time will also be dependent on indicators such as the incidence rate.

President Armengol tweeted on Sunday: "The state of alarm is ending, but not Covid. Now that we are on the final straight of the de-escalation, with vaccination accelerating and the recovery about to begin, let's avoid going backwards. Thanks to everyone for the months of huge commitment. We are reaching the end."