Balearic government representatives went to Berlin to explain the Safety Pack to Norbert Fiebig of the DRV travel association.


The Balearic government is to cover the cost of repatriation of tourists in the event that they have to stay in the Balearics because they have tested positive for Covid while in the Balearics and are therefore unable to take their scheduled flights home.

The government has designed a 'Safety Pack', which contains various measures to guarantee visitor safety and promote confidence in the Balearics as a tourist destination. The Monday visit to Berlin by President Armengol and others provided the opportunity to unveil this to the DRV travel association and to TUI.

Ahead of the visit, the tourism director general, Rosana Morillo, explained that an update would be given to German tour operators on all health coverage measures, "including the insurance policy for repatriation or return to the normal place of residence, as well as an interpreter service and compensation for an extended stay caused by Covid". The cost of all this, she said, "will be borne by the Aetib strategic tourism agency and will cover non-resident tourists in the Balearics who stay in regulated accommodation".

This latter point makes clear, therefore, that if tourists stay in unregistered accommodation, such as an apartment without a tourism ministry licence, the insurance will not be valid.

The policy provides free quarantine accommodation in so-called bridge hotels that the government has set up for tourists who develop mild Covid symptoms or are asymptomatic. An interpreter service will be available in English and German at least. In cases of death, the policy will cover these as well.

The Safety Pack also refers to the price cap for PCR and antigen tests (75 and 30 euros respectively) that the government has established and to the SafeBeach app that gives real-time information about beach capacity in six languages - Catalan, Spanish, English, German, French and Italian.

Greater detail regarding the insurance and information about medical resources and other issues will be made available on the website.