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Manacor town hall has amended the municipal inventory of ways for public use, the intention being that access to beaches along public ways is available to everyone.

The councillor for urban planning, Nuria Hinojosa, says that this amendment means that all lanes of less than 300 metres length that give access to a maximum of four properties will be eliminated from the municipal catalogue, which is being adapted to current regulations. This will adapt the inventory to current regulations and guarantee free passage along all public ways. To ensure that this is the case, the town hall will be speaking to owners through which these lanes run. It is hoped that agreements can be reached. If not, the town hall will expropriate the ways.

Hinojosa notes that Manacor will be the first town hall in Majorca to have adapted its catalogue to the requirements of the Balearic law of ways. Specifically, the change will put an end to problems with getting to the likes of Cala Varques, Cala Falcó and Cala Magrana. Moreover, it will permit action to be taken against owners who block free passage, as happened recently in Calas de Mallorca.