Mallorca is proving one of the top yachting destinations this year. | Josep Bagur Gomila

The end of the state of alarm has triggered demand for private yacht charters, with the Balearic Islands proving the most popular destination in Spain.
Yacht charters proved extremely possible last year and demand has grown again since last May 9.


According to the Girona company Top Sailing Charter (TSCH), which specializes in yacht charters, reservation requests have risen from 15 to 60 percent since last Saturday night when the state of alarm was lifted.

The Balearics is dominating the market followed by Greece, Croatia and the Costa Brava, all countries in which TSCH operates.

The company’s turnover decreased by 72 percent last year compared to 2019 due to periods of confinement and mobility restrictions, but looking ahead to the rest of this year, the company aims to recover around 60 percent of its pre pandemic revenue.

The executive director of the company, Sergi Alós, said that “although before the end of the state of alarm it was already possible to travel locally, now people can do so with more freedom.”

“Last weekend we already began to receive requests via the web and by telephone, from potential clients interested in chartering a yacht this summer and demand has jumped from 15 to 60 percent,” he added.

Alós is well aware that the 2019 activity levels will not be reached, but he is “optimistic” and confirms that “Minorca, Ibiza and Majorca are the destinations where there is the most interest and there are already weeks that are fully booked”.

“We have noticed the same trend with the Costa Brava, which is usually a popular departure destination for those wanting to sail to Minorca or Sardinia”, he said, while stressing that Croatia and Greece offer “more affordable prices.”

Sergi Alós maintains that vaccination is the key to reviving travel and demanded that those who are already immunised be exempted from having a PCR to travel through Europe.

“We also have many North American and South American clients who are not allowed to come or have to quarantine so we need measures to be lifted or an opening date set so that they can plan their holidays and we increase reservations,” he added.

A number of yacht chandlers and brokers in Mallorca has also witnessed a surge in demand for charters and sales.

“It seems that people are still very wary of international travel, going through airport and sitting on planes, so they have decided to purchase a yacht so they can not only keep away from the crowds but also remain in their own bubbles.” one source told the Bulletin.
“We have enjoyed a record year when it comes to sales and most of our clients are from the United States and most of them have had their new yachts shipped over from Majorca.


“So things are looking encouraging for the remainder of this year and the future.
“It’s evident that people are putting a greater value on their health than before and are prepared to invest in security and safety more than ever.”
Mallorca has already witnessed a number of the world’s largest and most luxurious yachts over the past few months.