Not allowed on pavements. | Pere Bota

The national traffic directorate in Spain classifies personal mobility vehicles (PMVs), e.g. scooters, as vehicles, meaning that they cannot be used on pavements.

Regulations state: Scooters and PMVs (with one or more wheels and a single seat) are defined as and considered to be vehicles for all purposes. They are obliged to comply with traffic regulations in the same way as cars or motorcycles. Vehicles for reduced mobility are excluded.

Use on pavements is prohibited. They are also prohibited from interurban roads, highways, motorways and urban tunnels.

The minimum and maximum speeds are 6 kilometres per hour and 25 km/h. PMVs will need a traffic certificate to prove that they meet the technical requirements which will be included in the specifications manual.

These regulations mean, therefore, that users of PMVs are subject to the same rules as drivers regarding alcohol and drugs. Users cannot wear headphones. Failure to comply with any of the regulations will mean a fine of up to 200 euros.