the Bellevue area in Alcudia. | A. GINARD

The agreement with Bellevue cropped up a month ago at an Alcudia council meeting. Azahara Machado of Ciudadanos asked a question about waste in the Bellevue area (this mainly had to do with pruning waste, or so it appeared).

Mayor Barbara Rebassa said that, according to the agreement in exchange for the use of municipal facilities, Bellevue was responsible for maintenance. Machado also stated that there are complaints from the Bellevue area about feeling "abandoned".

A month on, and there were more questions regarding the agreement at this week's council meeting. The Partido Popular were insisting that the agreement is enforced. The councillor for general services, maintenance and public works, Martí Garcias, said that he was "dealing with the issue".

But what does this supposed agreement actually entail? What does it cover and how exactly are responsibilities assigned? These are questions that have been asked for years and continue to be, and when they do get asked, there is never any clarity.

Full power, it has to be said, to the Cs and the PP for bringing the matter up, and Machado seems to be taking a particular interest in the Bellevue area - an interest which is sadly not shared by most other councillors.

At this week's meeting she was asking about deficiencies and needs along Pedro Mas y Reus. The mayor admitted that there was "evidence of needs" and that a solution will be found. Sorry, Barbara, but the evidence has been staring everyone in the face for years.

I have a suggestion for the town hall. Create an executive councillor responsibility as delegate for the main tourism centre, i.e. from Magic to Bellevue. This is an area which generates good amounts of income for the town hall and yet it is embarrassingly neglected and has been for years.

And if there were to be a delegate, ensure that this councillor is highly visible and active in calling meetings with residents and businesses who can voice concerns which all too rarely are addressed.