Guardia Civil control during the state of alarm in Mallorca

Guardia Civil control during the state of alarm.


During the original state of alarm from March 14 to June 21, police forces in the Balearics raised 24,000 proposed sanctions for breaches of Covid regulations. Of these, only 3,600 were processed and just 2,655 ended up with fines - eleven per cent.

Most of the proposed sanctions will have been for breaking the rules of confinement (lockdown) and so for not having had a justified reason for being out. Certain other measures were not adopted at the start of the state of alarm, e.g. the obligatory wearing of masks in specific situations, such as public transport. This was introduced in May.

Almost all of the reports that were processed have come to a conclusion. Of fines that were paid, 789 were paid early and so had a discount.

The national government delegation in the Balearics explains that the Covid regulations led to a 30% increase in the number of police reports. The delegation stresses that the aim was to ensure compliance with mobility restrictions and not to raise revenue from fines.


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sayhi / Hace 8 months

are these laws even legal? meaning are these fines legal as I cannot see how governments can take away your rights and then fine you!! to pay them is absolutely madness. they should be challenged in court because covid laws/legislation cannot be lawful.. no way!!