The hearing was conducted via videoconference. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

A Palma court has handed two-year sentences to two German tourists who beat up a bouncer at Megapark in Arenal in June 2019.

The prosecution had originally sought sentences totalling 26 years for causing aggravated injury and for racist abuse. The bouncer was a Senegalese man who suffered spinal injury and broken bones. He required surgical treatment and rehabilitation that lasted 150 days. He is now 44 and is unable to return to this type of work because of the lasting consequences of the injuries.

At around 9pm on June 7, 2019, the two tourists were inside Megapark. A third person went onto the stage. The bouncer asked him to get off. There was an argument during which the bouncer was punched in the neck, thrown to the ground and kicked and punched repeatedly. All the while, the two shouted racist abuse in German. Other Germans in Megapark that evening shouted - "Nazis, ultras, get out of there."

The court hearing was by videoconference. The two Germans, aged 21 and 22 and described as neo-Nazis, were arrested by Palma police. They were held in preventive detention for a year. Police investigations found Nazi and Ku Klux Klan images on their phones. The two are understood to be RB Leipzig football club ultra fans.

An agreement between the defence and prosecution lawyers was reached. The two-year sentences for both of them will be suspended for five years so long as they do not commit any other crime or visit the Balearics during this period. They will have to make a 150,000 euros civil liability payment and cannot communicate with or go within 500 metres of their victim for ten years.