Javier Arranz (right), Balearic spokesperson for infectious diseases. | Govern Illes Balears

Spokesperson for the regional infectious diseases committee, Javier Arranz, said on Monday that, from next week, the capacity of shopping centres and large stores is likely to be modified and that there will be an opening of bar and restaurant interiors of some sort.

Once again stating that de-escalation of restrictions must be slow, Arranz indicated that in order to eliminate the curfew permanently, "we will have to make more advance in vaccination". Changing the curfew start time to midnight, he noted, will be a way of relaxing restrictions in a region where the incidence of coronavirus is on a downward trend.

At the weekly press conference on Monday, Arranz explained that the age profile of Covid patients now being admitted to hospital - wards and intensive care - is generally between 40 and 70. In April and up to mid-May, 45% were between 50 and 69, while 30% were below 49. This is "a clearly different situation to months or a year ago".

On the ward at Son Espases, patients are between 38 and 65, while in intensive care they are all under 80. At Son Llàtzer there are two patients on the ward - 45 and 65 - and a 57-year-old in ICU. At Inca Hospital, patients on the ward are between 54 and 70, and two in intensive care are 54 and 58.

At Can Misses in Ibiza, the youngest patient in 59, while at Mateu Orfila in Minorca there is a 50-year-old in intensive care.

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* As of Monday, there are 25 Covid patients on wards in Mallorca, seven in Ibiza and two in Minorca. There are 13 Covid patients in intensive care in Mallorca, two in Ibiza and one in Minorca.