People wearing masks, Palma. | M.À. Cañellas

Mandatory face mask regulations could soon be relaxed in Mallorca, now that contagion is falling and more people are vaccinated, according to Dr Fernando Simón, Director of the Coordination Center for Health Alerts & Emergencies, or CCAES.

"It is very possible that outside measures, such as the use of masks can be relaxed in a few days," he said.

Dr Simón avoided giving specific dates, but said that relaxation of the coronavirus measures may not be far away.

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"It's not good to give dates, it's good to give epidemiological situations,” he said. “With the data we have, we can predict when it is possible for that situation to occur. We are evolving very well, with very good vaccination coverage. In a month the immunisation figures will put us in a very favourable position to reduce some measures, as long as others are maintained, but we have to go step by step. We still do not have an incidence rate, vaccination coverage or community immunity high enough to relax personal protection measures."

Dr Simon also pointed out that there are a number of alternatives to wearing face masks.

“There are many alternatives with the mandatory nature of masks now that there is a hyper-vaccinated group, like in residences. Obviously different measures can be proposed for groups where vaccination coverage is 30% compared to 60% as in those over 60 years of age,” he said.

"The action document will have to be modified because it does not include rapid immunisation due to vaccination. We have to be aware that we will be there soon, but that we have to go step by step,” said Dr Simón. "It is possible that some measures, such as the relaxation of outdoor masks, can be applied to the whole territory. As we increase immunisation, the situation throughout the country is becoming more homogenous, but there are still important differences when it comes to making decisions.”