Ryanair planes, Palma. March 2021. | EFE/Robin Townsend

Ryanair Chief Executive, Michael O’Leary is gearing up for summer and is predicting that Spain and Greece will soon be added to the UK’s quarantine free list, according to the Travel Weekly.

“We expect Greece will be added to the ‘Green’ list by the end of May and Spain will be added from June,” he said.

O’Leary also claims flight bookings are very strong for Spain, Portugal and Greece.

“In the first week of April we took just under 500,000 bookings and last week we took 1.5 million,” he said. “We expect to carry 1.6 million passengers in May, June is probably heading to 4 million and in July we could reach 7-9 million, which is two thirds of normal volume and it will grow in August and September unless there is some significant unforeseen factor.”

Ryanair has just reported losses of €815 million for the 12 months to March.

“It’s remarkable that we’ve seen 80% of our business blown away over the last 12 months,” said O’Leary, “but we still ended the year with €3 billion in cash.”