Son Sant Joan Airport, Palma. archive photo. | Ultima Hora

More countries could be added to the UK’s quarantine-free ‘Green’ list on June 28, just in time for the high season.

Travel Weekly spoke to an unnamed senior aviation source who said "there’s a realistic chance of expansion of the ‘Green’ list and changes to the traffic light system.”

Events are aligning better than we hoped, probably not much will change around June 7,” said the source, “but the review on June 28 leaves enough time to look at countries and strategy in detail and at what other countries in Europe are doing and the Government should be in a position to make that a meaningful date.”

But Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has other ideas.

“We’ll be maintaining a very tough border regime for the foreseeable future,” he insists.

Alan Bowen, Legal Advisor to the Association of Atol Companies is predicting that any changes to the UK’s ‘Green’ list will be fairly limited.

“I expect June 28 will be the earliest date for expansion and by then Portugal will have seen what we’ve done to them and we’ll see what they’ve done to us,” he said. “I fear if anything comes off the 'Green' list, we’ll be finished for the summer.”