Palma Son Sant Joan Airport on Saturday. | Pere Bota

Following the news last week that tour operator Ving was starting the opening of hotels in Mallorca from this weekend, Sunclass Airlines has announced that it is reactivating all flight schedules from Scandinavian countries.

Sunclass used to be Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia. It has operations in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm, and in all three countries - Denmark, Norway and Sweden - there is growing tourist demand for Mallorca because of the good health situation on the island.

Activity may still only be comparatively modest, but activity there nevertheless is. On Saturday, there were three Sunclass arrivals at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport - some 500 or so passengers.

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For resorts in Mallorca which are popular with Scandinavian tourists, such as those on the bay of Alcudia, hotel occupancy forecasts are beginning to look more optimistic. The percentage of hotels open is, for now, low - around ten per cent in Alcudia, for instance - but as well as the Scandinavian demand there are positive trends in the German, Swiss, Austrian and Benelux markets, which will mean a progressive further opening of hotels.