A joint operation by the National Police and the local force. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

On Saturday night, Manacor and National Police broke up an illegal party at a property in Manacor. There were numerous young people, many of whom ran off when the police turned up.

The Covid regulations in Mallorca permit social gatherings of no more than six people indoors and eight people outdoors. Illegal parties, it has been said by the island's nightlife sector, are a consequence of restrictions that don't allow clubs to open at present. These parties, the sector has added, are potential sources of infection as there are no controls, whereas clubs are capable of ensuring controls.

Last week, the Abone association, which represents nightlife businesses, sat down with the Balearic government and initiated talks designed to bring about a reopening and to establish new protocols for health control. The two sides hadn't talked for months. There is now a new board at Abone, and last week's meeting was described as positive.