National Police in Son Gotleu, Palma. | A. Sepúlveda

Seven gypsies have left Mallorca amid escalating tensions between two clans in the Son Gotleu district of the city.

There’s no love lost between ‘Los Pelúos’ and ‘Los Manzano’ who are both originally from Barcelona.

At the beginning of last week ‘Los Pelúos’ received a threatening message from their rivals.

You have to go, or you know what will happen.”

Hours later, one of the ‘Los Pelúos’ clan was shot and wounded in Palma and since then National Police Officers have been deployed on the streets of Son Gotleu 24 hours a day to prevent more clashes.

On Saturday, several Police vehicles escorted a ‘Los Pelúos family to Palma port and searched the ship before the father, his 3 children and their wives boarded the boat and left the Island.