Tourists at Palma Airport. | Emilio Queirolo

The Balearics had the highest hotel occupancy in April thanks to the boost from German tourism.

64,172 visitors came to the Island last month and 31.2% of hotel beds were occupied, ten points above the state average of 20.9%, according to the National Statistics Institute.

But hotel occupancy in Spain is still much lower than April, 2019 when 68% of hotel beds were occupied.

In 2019, 600 hotels were open in the Balearics, compared to 160 this year and the number of travellers staying in hotels is down by 90%.

23,601 of the 64,172 people who visited the Islands in April were Spanish and the rest were foreign.

The Balearics were also the only Community to have more international than domestic visitors, mostly due to German tourism. German citizens have been allowed to travel to travel here since the end of March without having to quarantine when they go home.

They can also travel to the Canary Islands under the same conditions, but not to the rest of Spain.