Lago Resort - Minorca is very reliant on UK tourism. |

The owner of the Lago Resort Menorca hotel, Lucas García, is warning that if the Balearics fail to be included on the UK government's green list for safe travel, this year's tourism season will be "catastrophic".

Recovery of the UK market is key to starting the season, and García hopes that the UK's review on June 7 will allow travel to the Balearics without requiring quarantine on return. "We are convinced that if we get the green traffic light, there will be a great deal of tourist movement." He points to the situation in green-listed Portugal, where demand is "amazing".

García notes that UK tourists usually book in advance, "but even if only some come, that will be good for us". Numbers won't be like those of 2019, "but they will be better than 2020".

The Lago Resort is one of the few hotels open in Cala en Bosch near Ciutadella. Being one of the few open has brought benefits because of sports events that have been taking place. Occupancy has been boosted by Minorcan residents and by people from Mallorca. But this is at weekends. There are some French, German and Italian tourists, but the numbers are "derisory". "We cannot survive on weekends, as the staff work every day."