Fernando Simón, Centre for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies. | Fernando Alvarado

Fernando Simón, the director of Spain's Centre for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, says that there has been a moderating of the decrease in the number of coronavirus cases over recent days.

He puts this down to the ending of the state of alarm, noting that people are being "sensible" and that decreases will continue to be observed, even if this is at a lower speed. "We have a slow downward trend, although it is fair to say that this has moderated just recently. We could have expected this. Decreases are continuing in the majority of the regions, but these have been slower and, in certain cases, they have levelled off."

The current situation with incidence of coronavirus, Simón observes, "is due in large part to infections among population groups under the age of 50", who have been vaccinated less.

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The situation "is not yet ideal". "Several regions have incidence rates of more than 200, but the trend and the stability of this trend is very favourable. This is why we believe that the risks of a reversal are much lower than those of the waves which have occurred."