Jackie Waldren. archive photo. | M.A. Cañellas

Tributes are pouring in for Jacqueline Waldren, Deya Cultural Ambassador, anthropologist, writer and artist, who died in Palma on Monday.

Jackie and her archaeologist husband, Bill, who died in 2003, were co-founders of the Deya Archaeological Museum and Research Centre, which was a museum, art gallery, study centre and home for more than half a century.

Jackie moved to Deya in 1959 and completely fell in love with the village and with Bill. The couple had four daughters and together they helped to transform Deya into the cultural epicentre of Mallorca. Over the years a large group of foreign intellectuals and artists have settled in the village and raised their families there.

In the 1960s, when William Waldren was studying archaeology in Mallorca, Jackie become an anthropologist and finished her studies at Oxford University.

She also hosted foreign students who came to Mallorca to take part in her husband's excavations.

In 1996, she published ‘Insiders and Outsiders: Paradise and Reality in Mallorca’ which analyses the coexistence of natives and foreigners in Deya and in 2002 she published a second book entitled ‘Mallorquins, Estrangers i Forasters’.

Jackie Waldren will be buried next to her husband Bill in Deya cemetery.