The courts in Palma. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

A Palma court has fined a man 1,620 euros for having caused a road accident when he was four times over the permitted alcohol limit.

He pleaded guilty to one offence of driving under the influence of alcohol and to four counts of reckless injury. In addition to the fine, he has been banned from driving for two and a half years; his licence has been withdrawn.

At around 6am on February 3, 2019, he was driving on the motorway to the airport. He didn't see the vehicle in front of him, a Peugeot, and crashed into the back of it. The four people inside the Peugeot all suffered whiplash that required medical treatment.

Guardia Civil officers reported that he was unsteady on his feet, smelt of alcohol and had slurred speech. He was given a breath test and gave a positive result of 1.04mg of alcohol per litre, four times over the limit. He was unable to perform a second test due to the state he was in.