Patient receiving treatment in hospital. archive photo. | Ultima Hora

Two people in the Balearic Island have developed thrombosis after having the coronavirus vaccine, according to Public Health Director, Maria Antònia.

She says the Balearic Pharmacological Surveillance Service notified the Ministry of the two cases, but stressed that they are not the most serious thrombocytopenic thrombosis.

Those under 60 can choose to have a second jab of AstraZeneca, but the Ministry is advising them to switch to the Pfizer vaccine instead.

The Health authorities fear that the second dose of AstraZenece may be waived, after so much contradictory information from experts.

"Changing the statements is a factor that does not help to provide security," acknowledged Health Minister Patricia Gómez.

Maria Antònia Font pointed out that the European Medicines Agency has left it up to Public Health in each State to decide whether to give a second dose of AstraZeneca to those under 60.

Those who’ve already been vaccinated with AstraZeneca and are under the age of 60 can choose which second jab they want by logging on to the BIT-Cita website after 15:00 today.

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Immunisation will begin on Wednesday, June 2.