The National Police were notified on Tuesday. | Policia Nacional

A 32-year-old man has been ordered to pay a fine of 720 euros for harassment of his ex-partner. At a court hearing on Friday, he pleaded guilty, acknowledging that he had phoned her more than 200 times over a five-month period. He was also ordered to pay the woman 175 euros and to not communicate with her or go within 300 metres of her for a period of sixteen months.

The couple were in a relationship for six months. This came to an end in November last year. He then tried to convince the woman, aged 23, to resume the relationship by sending her WhatsApp and Instagram messages and phoning her.

She informed him in writing to stop harassing her. But he persisted. He left flowers and necklaces outside her home in Porto Cristo and drove past on numerous occasions; he lives in Manacor. During one call, he pleaded with her to be careful or he might suffer a breakdown.

On Tuesday (May 24), the woman reported the harassment to the National Police, and a speedy court hearing followed.