Queues are almost inevitable. | J. Sevilla

The forecast for traffic at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport in June is exceeding all expectations. In June 2019, there were 3.8 million passengers (arriving and departing) and 26,379 flights. The forecast is for 70% of these flights, and this percentage will clearly be higher if the UK government places Mallorca on its green list.

The increase in passenger numbers will put added pressure on controls. The national ministry of health will be adding more personnel from its Exterior Health service, and the airports authority Aena will be strengthening personnel to hasten procedures at inspection points.

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Aena says that in order that there are safe destinations, procedures have to be same everywhere. Queues will therefore be common this summer at all main European airports. Even when the EU's digital certificate is in force there will be queues in order to check that the certificate is correct.

Over this current weekend, some 60,000 passengers from European countries will be passing through Son Sant Joan. This number, if the forecast for June is accurate, is about to rise hugely.

While controls at the airport are going to be an issue for travellers and will almost inevitably mean some queues, they are seemingly also of concern in the UK if the most popular islands, such as Mallorca, are placed on the green list. The word from the UK right now is that the Balearics might be kept off the green list because Border Force would be overwhelmed.